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If you're planning to come for shopping to Madrid, Stilla Image Consultants
can help you to renew, update and improve your personal and professional image, in order 
to portray the right message for your 
business, including the attributes -strengths, skills, values and
passions- that make you unique, and different from your competitors.

Personal Shopper Services

We offer personal tools to manage the image (internal and external) in a most successful way, depending on the style, age, profession, philosophy of life, the environment, according to physical characteristics, strengths and weak points of our customer.

Corporate Image Consulting

We are experts in counselling style, coaching and corporate image; we will help your company to improve the coherence and the
external perception between the values of the brand and its image. Through practical workshops and conferences designed to help:

  • Employees who have personal contact with clients
  • All staff representing the Company Image with profiles open on
social networks, international meetings, congresses and on the

Image Training for Educational Institutions

We offer Schools, Colleges, Educational Institutions and Universities the possibility of giving lectures, courses and practical workshops with students, teachers and parents on subjects relating to the personal image from a psychological point of view;
supported by the sociology of fashion, to help them to accept themselves as they are, whatever their physical appearance. Namely
to counter act the information they receive on Social Networks, Internet, cinema and television.

NGOs, foundations and associations 

We help disabled people, sick, victims of gender violence, people with obesity problems or anorexia and bulimia, migrants and
people at risk of social exclusion; to improve their perception of themselves, through practical workshops and conferences; to make the best of their strengths, improve their self-esteem, and in the case of
immigrants, we hold practical workshops for them, to facilitate their search of employment and their image for a job interview.


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